Why Build and Host on BizStore?

No more wasting time and worrying about finding plugins, themes, add-ons, extensions, hosting, development, speed optimization, etc. Whew!

Saves Money

Get more for less. Buy less plugins, no traffic hosting fees, no extra security services; all those cost add up fast monthly!

30% Savings

Increases Productivity

Reduces repetitive tasks, extra clicks, tracking of orders and more time extensive tasks for employees.

20% Increase

Grows Sales

A easy to use shopping experience boost the conversion rates of orders and creates loyal returning customers.

35% Growth

The Value BizStore Provides Your Hosting Platform

Get ahead of the competition! Most WooCommerce stores don’t have the technology ready for running the store online and in-person.

Support For Advanced Products

Mobile Ready Website

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Fast, Secure and Reliable

Priority Support & Updates

NativePlugins For More Customization

Credit Card Processing. Bring Your Current Provider. No Extra Fees!
or pay-as-you-go pricing at 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge.

Why should I Trust and Use The BizStore Platform?

Simple. The top 4 reasons businesses tell us.

Oh, Don’t Forget It’s Backed and Powered by BizSwoop

We build powerful plugins for WooCommerce, we know a thing or two about WooCommerce WordPress Store functionality!

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Experience What These Business Owners Learned.

Adding & adjusting products was simple, even with our large catalog of auto parts. Allowing us to increase product upsell opportunities. Once we set everything up, there was no maintenance needed to keep the store running. Saving us time and money to invest in other places.

No Fees! Fast POS! Great Support! They really nailed the features to run my restaurant. They are always super helpful and I would highly recommend. Our website looks great and our customers comment on it all the time. Our employees enjoy how easy the new site is to use.

We had complex pricing needs for our wholesale vape e-liquid business. Their system gave us the most flexibility out of any platform we tried and their team even helped us add custom features that weren’t available by default. highly recommended!

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