The Quick and Easy steps to open your Store Now!

Select a BizStore Plan

Add the Monthly Plan to your cart and checkout. The first month is on us!

Verify Business

An Account Manager at BizSwoop will contact you to verify your business and confirm the website address for setting up the Store. Don’t worry if you don’t have a domain name. We can also provide a “myname”.bizstore app URL for free.

Access Store

After we confirm your website URL address. Our team creates the Store platform instance. Once the store is ready, a link to your new BizStore will be sent to you with a username and password to start setting up your menu.

Add Design & Products

Easily setup your store design using our store builder. Configure the products with powerful functionality to create simple and complex product variations. Enable payment options on checkout and start selling.

Open the Store!

Yay! Open the store to the public for customers to start placing orders. Post on social media and start promoting the new site to existing and future customers. Start taking orders and increase revenue.

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